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Consultant/General Project Manager

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National Congress of American Indians


Washington, DC

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Position to be filled IMMEDIATELY: hire will start before the end of February, and project will conclude by July.

ABOUT NCAI:  Founded in 1944, the National Congress of American Indians is the oldest, largest, and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization in the country. NCAI advocates on behalf of tribal governments and communities, promoting strong tribal-federal government-to-government policies, and promoting a better understanding among the general public regarding American Indian and Alaska Native governments, people, and rights. For more information, visit the NCAI website at

ABOUT THE POSITION: NCAI provides technical assistance to the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Tribal/Interior Budget Council (TIBC). The mission of TIBC is: To provide a forum and process, consistent with the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, Section 450 a-1 and Executive Order #13175 and Department of the Interior’s Government-to-Government policy, whereby Tribes and the Department work together to develop policy and budgets that provide: 1) DOI to fulfill its Trust responsibilities and Treaty obligations; and 2) the fulfillment of Tribes’ inherent sovereign rights of self-determination, self-governance, and self-sufficiency, as well as securing levels of funding necessary to strengthen Tribal governmental capacity to serve their Tribal citizens and communities.

In 2017, TIBC commissioned an assessment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Budget (BIA) Budget Formulation Process. The resulting report provides recommendations for ways TIBC and BIA could improve its budgeting process. To implement the report’s recommendations, the TIBC formed a Budget Process Improvement Workgroup. This Workgroup is seeking a General Project Manager or Consultant with the following skills, experience, and competencies who will meet the deliverables set out by the Workgroup in the laid out timeframe.

Duties And Responsibilities:

General Overview
Project manager is responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, executive, control and completion of the Formulation project, while remaining aligned with strategy, commitments and goals of the Formulation Process Workgroup.

• Day to day supervision through NCAI
• Federal Guidance through Indian Affairs, Deputy Director, Office of Budget and Performance Management.

• Work with both Federal and Tribal participants
• Plan and implement projects
• Help define project scope, goals and deliverables
• Define tasks and required resources
• Collect and manage project team
• Create schedule and project timeline
• Track deliverables
• Support and direct team
• Lead quality assurance
• Monitor and report on project progress
• Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions
• Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs
• Evaluate and assess result of project

Education & Experience
• Knowledge of the Federal Budget process
• Project management qualification (PMP) or equivalent
• Theoretical and practical project management knowledge
• Knowledge of techniques and tools
• Experience as a project manager
• Experience in strategic planning, risk management and/or change management
• Experience in implementing quality improvement
• Proficiency in project management software tools

• Database/Spreadsheet/Project Mgmt/Webinar Software Capability
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities
• Conflict resolution experience
• Adaptability
• Able to tolerate stress

• Consolidation of Tribal/Regional Feedback on current and prior formulation processes
• Outline of two to three proposed budget formulation processes for presentation to full Tribal/Interior Budget Council (TIBC) body.
• Outline of options for applying increase/decrease percentages in the development of the annual tribal budget for presentation to full TIBC body
• Recorded Webinar/Training on new Formulation Process

• February 28th position on board
• March 6th Workgroup Meeting – Deliverable Due - Consolidation of Feedback Information
• March 19th Workgroup Meeting
• April – Workgroup Webinar
• May 21st Workgroup Meeting
• June – Workgroup Webinar
• July 10 – TIBC Deliverables Due – Formulation Process Options; Increase/Decrease Options
• August – Draft Formulation Guidance
• September 20 – Deliverables Due - Outline of Webinar/Training on new Formulation Process

Salary And Benefits:

This position can be applied to in two ways, either as: 1) a consultant, or as 2) a temporary project manager. If responding as a consultant, please submit a bid outlining the ways you would meet the deliverables. If responding as a temporary project manager employed by NCAI, this position offers a competitive salary and benefits (unless the application is for the consultant or contractor position, otherwise, benefits include health benefits, 401(k) plan, vacation time, etc.). The position lasts through the end of September 2018.

Contact Info:

APPLICATIONS: Position will be located at NCAI’s Washington DC offices and is open until filled. Exceptions to location in DC will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will depend on prior ability to meet deliverables remotely. To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, brief writing sample (2-3 pages) and the names of three references, by email to (preferred) or mail to: National Congress of American Indians Attn: Nicole Hallingstad / DGA 1516 P St, NW Washington, DC 20005 No phone calls please.

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