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Executive Director

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Denver Indian Center, Inc.


Denver, Colorado

Skills And Qualifications:


Position Summary:  The DICI’s Executive Director is responsible to ensure that the organization consistently achieves its mission, vision and financial objectives.


Supervisory Responsibilities: This position supervises all administrative personnel and program leads directly, and has the responsibility to oversee all other staff, contractors, student interns, mentors, and volunteers associated with the DICI’s programs.   


Salary:  Salary range for this position is competitive with other non-profit human service agencies in Colorado



1.       Work closely with BOD and administrative personnel to ensure agency and programs are in compliance with all funding and regulatory (Federal, State and Local) requirements;

2.       Provide leadership for agency long-term planning to include both financial and strategic plans;

3.       Provide leadership and support in the development of new programs and services;

4.       Ensure the agency guidelines are understood and followed by all agency personnel, contractors, student interns and volunteers;

5.       Ensures the human and programmatic components of the agency meets or exceeds performance and quality standards;

6.       Ensures that services are delivered in a timely manner, efficiently, effectively and are documented appropriately;

7.       Ensure strict confidentiality and proper maintenance of agency records;

8.       Ensure outcome tracking, monitoring and reporting are completed according to set schedules;

9.       Engage and promote active and broad participation from the Denver Metropolitan Area’s American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) community, to the extent possible;

10.   Ensure BOD, Staff, and community partners are kept fully informed;

11.   Advocate on behalf of the community, programs, staff and agency;

12.   Disseminate critical information to both internal and external stakeholders including program participants, community members, funding agencies and community partners;

13.   Recruit, retain, train and develop paid and volunteer personnel;

14.   Ensure job description are accurate and regular job description and performance reviews are completed according to a set schedule;

15.   Promote professional development including expanding specialized skills and utilization of newly acquired skills;

16.   Develop and maintain adherence to sound financial practices;

17.   Establish budgets and ensure strict adherence to budget guidelines;

18.   Ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the agency to complete its mission;

19.   Review and approve all funding proposals;

20.   Review and approve all financial drawdowns; and

21.   Review and approve all agreements (LOCs and MOUs) made on behalf of the agency;

Required Education:

Educational Requirements:

1.       Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred in Administration with demonstrated agency/program management experience (3 to 5 years servicing in a similar position); and

2.       Continued professional development to expand knowledge to stay current with developing trends related to work responsibilities.

Duties And Responsibilities:

Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

1.       Proven record of successfully cultivating relationships with funders from public, private and foundational sources, including private donors, grants and corporate sponsors;

2.       Proven record of fundraising;

3.       Experience in managing federal grants (grant writing, reporting, and budgeting);

4.       Experience supervising professional staff;

5.       Experience working with AI/AN people;  

6.       Extensive knowledge of American Indian culture;

7.       Computer proficiency with office, reporting and database systems;

8.       Ability to maintain an effective administrative team;

9.       Ability to maintain an environment that attracts and retains diverse, highly qualified personnel and volunteers; and

10.   Ability to work effectively with Funding agents, DICI and program staff, contractors, student interns, mentors, volunteers, community partners, and community members.


Other requirements:

1.       A current/valid driver’s license and proof of insurance

2.       A clean criminal background check

3.       Ability to be placed on DICI insurance


Instructions and Deadline: Submit cover letter and resume  to the attention of Rick Waters at

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Frances Ruiz

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