NCAI Webinar and Conference Session on Strengthening Government-to-Government Communication and Consultation

Published on Oct 07, 2009

NCAI Annual Convention Breakout Session:

October 14, 2009
1:30- 4:00pm PST
Palm Springs Convention Center, Mesquite DE Room
Palm Springs, California

NCAI Webinar:

October 7, 2009
2:00- 3:30pm EST

On August 31, 2009, the White House Domestic Policy Council and Office of Public Engagement held two listening sessions with tribal leaders in Washington, DC to discuss strategies to strengthen government-to-government communication and consultation. More than 150 tribal leaders participated in these sessions, offering a variety of suggestions for improved communication, including:

  • Refocusing the government-to-government relationship on tribal sovereignty, the trust responsibility, and the goal of building consensus among tribal nations;
  • Federal agency accountability provisions for meaningful communication and consultation with tribes;
  • Use of both formal consultation and early, informal scoping conversations;
  • A balance of nationally and regionally focused meetings; and
  • The increased use of technology, where appropriate, to facilitate communication.

To follow up on these sessions and prepare tribal leaders for further dialogue at the NCAI Annual Convention in Palm Springs, California, NCAI will hold a Webinar from 2:00- 3:30pm EST on Wednesday, October 7th. During the Webinar, NCAI will summarize the themes from the August 31st listening sessions and solicit additional input on improved government-to-government communication. The suggestions from this Webinar will be shared at the Strengthening Tribal Consultation breakout session on Wednesday, October 14th from 1:30- 4:00pm in the Mesquite DE room of the Palm Springs Convention Center, where participants will prioritize recommendations for the Administration. 

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