NCAI President Jefferson Keel Statement on Native American Heritage Month

Published on Nov 02, 2009

 WASHINGTON—November 2, 2009—National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) President Jefferson Keel released the following statement on Native American Heritage Month 2009:

“This year the celebration of Native American Heritage Month comes at an historic time for Indian Country as the Obama Administration holds its first annual Tribal Nations Conference and the Embassy of Tribal Nations opens its doors in Washington, D.C. Just as Indian delegations have been coming to Washington for well over a century, modern tribal leaders will descend on the nation’s capitol to ensure consultation regarding federal policy implementation that will benefit generations of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

One of our first diplomatic relations with the U.S. was when the Iroquois aligned with some of the first European settlers. The Iroquois' constitution -- called the Great Law of Peace -- guaranteed freedom of religion and expression and other rights later embraced in the U.S. Constitution. Native Americans played a crucial role in the formation of this country. Today we continue to contribute as modern, thriving nations that are essential to the framework of American society.
Through our strong connections with the land and all living things, tribal nations know firsthand the effects of climate change on the environment. We hold the promise of alternative energy development that would benefit all Americans. The integration of our cultural practices into our education curricula is groundbreaking. We’ve developed innovative practices for telemedicine services for our most remote villages. From cultural tourism to modern manufacturing facilities, we know what it takes to bring sound economic development opportunities to our communities.  Native men and women have steadfastly fought and died defending this country as the highest serving minority group in the U.S. armed forces.
As strong, independent Indigenous nations, we will proudly continue to contribute to the social, political and cultural make up of this great country.”


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