National Native Asset Building Summit

Date: Sep 17, 2019 - Sep 18, 2019

Where: Seneca Niagara Resort

About the Event:

This event is sponsored by HUD's Office of Native American Programs. This two-day Summit - “Asset Building: A Pathway to Economic Self-Determination” provides an opportunity for Native asset building practitioners to network and get up to date information on self-sufficiency initiatives taking place in Indian Country. Throughout the Summit participants will have an opportunity to:
• To exchange ideas about asset building in Indian Country
• To Identify key problem areas and barriers that prevent families from achieving self-sufficiency
• To highlight best practices in self-sufficiency and asset building
• To develop strategies and action items that will support Native residents as they move on their path toward self-sufficiency
• To network and connect with individuals representing a broad spectrum of entities such as national intermediaries, state funding agencies, lenders, federal agencies, financial regulatory, entrepreneurs, for-profits, tribes, and Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs)

Workshops will address; financial education, credit counseling, rental readiness, homeownership and child savings accounts. Workshops will incorporate key learning strategies to:
• Access key financial education programs to help families make informed financial decisions
• Gain an understanding of the impact that policies have on a family and community economic success
• Identify resources available to fund asset building. Presenters will address a wide mix of topics that focus on youth, families, culture, asset preservation
• Describe what self-sufficiency means and visualize what self-sufficiency could mean for their residents and their TDHEs
• Explore the role of financial education as the foundation to asset building
• Incorporate asset building concepts and tools into their self-sufficiency programming.
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