President Obama Hosts 8th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference

Published on Sep 26, 2016


Sept. 26, 2016


President Obama Hosts 8th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference

WASHINGTON DC, Sept. 26, 2016 | Today, Indian Country gathered in Washington, DC to thank President Barack Obama for fulfilling his promise to Native Americans. President Barack Obama, tribal leaders, and federal officials gathered today for the 8th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference (WHTNC). Tribes gathered to celebrate the Obama Administration, and honor his commitment to Native Americans over the course of his presidency.

“President Obama expressed a deep commitment to Indian Country when he took office, and pledged to honor the government-to-government relationship with tribal nations,” said NCAI President Cladoosby. “As a result, today was a convening of heads of nations. This Administration has set the bar higher than ever before.”

Under the Obama Administration, great strides were made toward establishing a cohesive government-to-government relationship with tribal nations. The White House Council on Native American Affairs, the White House Tribal Nations Conference, and Native Americans filling key positions in the White House and Administration all contributed to a strengthened relationship with tribes.

As a result, tribal leaders felt moved to thank and honored President Obama, who was gifted with a blanket.

Exchanges between cabinet members and tribal leaders affirmed that no other President has done more for Indian Country. It also became clear that with 116 days remaining, we are still focused on getting the job done.

“In a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, we’ve made a lot of progress for Indian Country over the past eight years. And this moment highlights why it’s so important that we redouble our efforts to make sure that every federal agency truly consults and listens and works with you, sovereign to sovereign,” said President Obama in his speech.

“I want everybody in this auditorium and all the folks back home in your respective communities to know that this whole time, I've heard you. I have seen you. And I hope I've done right by you. And I hope I've set a direction that others will follow,” said President Obama.


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