Tribal Communicators Network

National Tribal Communicators Network
The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) launched the National Tribal Communicators Network in the fall of 2011, to support communications professionals and those performing public relations work in Indian Country and American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

For years, tribal leaders and members of NCAI have expressed the importance of linking together the existing regional networks of tribal communicators at the national level to share best practices and resources with each other. This network serves Indian Country as an important educational and information resource for individuals and tribal nations wishing to build capacity for communications and public relations work.

Benefits of participating in this network include:

  • Regular webinars, trainings, and resources;
  • A forum to interact with other tribal communications professionals;
  • A resource to share ideas and opportunities with other organizations and individuals; - Updates, news, and content from NCAI for use in your publications and releases; and
  • Opportunities to share news with NCAI for distribution to NCAI members.

Guidelines for Participation

Who Should Join the Network:

  • Tribal Public Information Officers
  • Communications staff or consultants
  • Tribal staff that perform communications duties
  • Communications professionals and Executive Directors for Native non-profit organizations
  • Communications or marketing directors for tribal businesses

How this Group Engages with the Media

Members of the media are not considered active participants in the network. However, members of the media are regularly invited to participate in educational sessions with the members of the network and engage in dialogue about best practices. Staff of the Native American Journalist Association (NAJA) are active participants in the network to provide the insight of news media in the process. We encourage all members of the media interested in educational opportunities to engage with NAJA online at