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A Guide to 2020 Census Data Privacy Our Webinar on August 27, 2020 featured an update on the U.S. Census Bureau's plans to protect the privacy of 2020 Census data and two speakers who analyzed the most recent demonstration data for impacts on American Indian and Alaska Native census data for tribal nations.  

Tribal Epidemiology Centers: Critical Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic Our Webinar Series on May 12, 2020 featured directors from Tribal Epidemiology Centers who described their critical work and resources for tribal nations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

U.S. Census Bureau Tribal Consultation on Differential Privacy and Access to AI/AN Data. Our Webinar Series on October 7, 2019 provided an opportunity to discuss the U.S. Census Bureau Tribal Consultation on Differential Privacy Implementation and potential lack of access to AI/AN data in the 2020 Census. This webinar included time for questions for those who attended the U.S. Census Bureau webinar on September 25, 2019 or who planned on attending the in person tribal consultation sessions at the AFN or NCAI conferences. 

Introduction to an Interactive Overdose Mapping Tool. Our Webinar Series on Tuesday, October 8, 2019  featured the NORC  Opioid Misuse Community Assessment Tool, which is an interactive data tool that allows users to visualize county-level drug and opioid overdose mortality data. Additionally, the tool provides overlays of socio-economic and demographic factors, including race/ethnicity. In this session, the functionality of the tool was reviewed, with highlights specific to the American Indian/Alaska Native population. 

Navigating the Maze of Indian Health Service and Tribal Institutional Review Boards. Our webinar in August 2019 featured Rachael L. Tracy, MPH, Research Director and Chair, National Institutional Review Board, Division of Planning, Evaluation, and Research, Office of Public Health Support, Indian Health Service.  

All of Us Research Program Overview. Our webinar in June 2019 featured speakers from the National Institutes of Health and others on an overview of the All of Us Research Program. This webinar provided background information on this topic which is the subject of a formal NIH Tribal Consultation. A consultation session is scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2019 at the NCAI Mid Year Conference in Sparks, NV. View the PowerPoint slides, Dear Tribal Leader Letter, Framing Letter, and Tribal Collaboration Working Group Report. For more information on the NCAI Mid Year Conference, view here

Charting a Path Forward for Responsible Data Sharing. Our webinar in May 2019 featured speakers from the National Institutes of Health on their consultation with tribes on their work to develop a data sharing and management policy. View the NIH letter: https://t.co/mo4GqeQsdg 

Intellectual Property Rights in Biomedical Research. Our webinar in March 2019 featured an overview from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on the topic of Intellectual Property Rights in Biomedical Research.  NIH is consulting with tribes on this important topic. View the NIH letter at bit.ly/2Pn8oZC and also view the Agenda for the consultation, the Framing Letter, and the PowerPoint slides.

Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health (CRCAIH) Tribal Partners. Our webinar in January 2019 featured the CRCAIH tribal partners and they discussed their research review activities and the benefits of their unique collaboration.

The State of Tribal Data Capacity in Indian Country: Key Findings from the Survey of Tribal Data Practices. Our webinar in November 2018 featured an overview of the results of the Survey of Tribal Data Practices that was conducted during the 2016 NCAI Annual Convention in Spokane WA. Our speaker was Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear, Dual PhD Candidate, Sociology, University of Arizona, and Demography, University of Waikato New Zealand. 

NCAI Policy Research Center Update. View a recording of the update provided by Yvette Roubideaux, MD MPH, Director, NCAI Policy Research Center at the NCAI 75th Annual Convention & Marketplace in Denver CO on October 26, 2018.

Governance, Trust, and Culture: Strengthening Tribal-Academic Research Partnerships. On October 10, 2018, we partnered with PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research) to hold a webinar featuring our Holding Space Toolkit for strengthening tribal-academic research partnerships. We are grateful to PRIM&R for making the webinar free to the public.

How Data Can Make the Native Vote a "Swing Vote." View a recording of the very popular presentation by Amber Ebarb MPP at the 13th Annual Tribal Leader/Scholar Forum at the 2018 NCAI Mid Year Conference on how to use Native vote data to empower, mobilize, and tell our story.

NCAI Policy Research Center Monthly Webinar Series: Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS) in American Indians and Alaska Natives. Our webinar in July 2018 featured an overview of Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome by CAPT Ted L. Hall Pharm D, BCPP, RPh, Ho-Chunk Nation Director of Pharmacy/Chief Pharmacist, IHS Heroin, Opioids, and Pain Efforts (HOPE) Committee - Perinatal Substance Use Workgroup Co-Chair.

NCAI Policy Research Center Monthly Webinar Series: Translating Diabetes Research into Practice to Improve Health in AI/AN Communities: Overview and Application of Dissemination and Implementation Research.  Our webinar in April 2018 featured an overview of the use of dissemination and implementation research methods to translate evidence based interventions into real world settings. The speaker was Stephanie Mazzucca PhD, Prevention Research Center, Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. 

NCAI Policy Research Center Monthly Webinar Series: The Opioid Epidemic - IHS Response to a National Crisis. Our webinar in March 2018 featured a review of what the Indian Health Service (IHS) is doing to address the opioid epidemic in AI/AN communities.  The speaker was CAPT Cynthia Gunderson PharmD, Vice Chair of the IHS Heroin, Opioids and Pain Efforts (HOPE) Committee. 

NCAI Policy Research Center Monthly Webinar Series: The Geospatial Dimensions of Tribal Data
Our webinar in February 2018 featured a review of service area data used by federal agencies as a part of a broader effort to build tribal data capacity. This work is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. NCAI's Amber Ebarb, MPP, was the presenter.

NCAI Policy Research Center Monthly Webinar Series: National Institutes of Health Update
The NCAI Policy Research Center hosted representatives from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to provide an update.  The webinar speakers included Daozhong Jin, NIH All of Us Research Program and David R. Wilson, PhD, Director, NIH Tribal Health Research Office.  

Data Sharing in Research with American Indians and Alaska Natives: Informed Practices, Considerations, and Case Studies
The NCAI Policy Research Center co-hosted a free webinar with Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) on data sharing in tribal research. The webinar panel was comprised of investigators and representatives from the Strong Heart Study, AI/AN Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES), and Safe Passage Study. Speakers discussed their experience operationalizing data sharing agreements with community partners and study participants. 

Tribal Behavioral Health: Diabetes and Behavioral Health Comorbidities in Native Communities
The NCAI Policy Research Center was proud to present the contents of a forthcoming brief developed with its partner scholars, Dr. Kyle Hill and Dr. Melissa Lewis, on the intersections between diabetes and behavioral health in Native communities. This webinar referenced the National Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda, available online here

Tribal Behavioral Health Advancing Healing & Wellness in an Urban Native Context
The NCAI Policy Research Center was thrilled to host Dr. Parker in this critical conversation on an American Indian community's response to depression research as a part of an expert webinar series around the National Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda (available here). Tassy Parker, RN, PhD, is an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation and is a tenured professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and tenured professor of nursing at the UNM Health Sciences Center College of Nursing.

NCAI Quarterly Research Webinar on Tribal Economic Data & Research
Presentations include: Tribal-County Comparisons in Workforce Opportunity: Questions of Infrastructure and Social Capital Dr. Dick Todd, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; Spatial Economic Data on Industries on Indian Reservations Dr. Johannes Moenius and Dr. Larry Gross, University of Redlands; Community Integrity through Community Investment: Insights from a Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Jonathan Taylor, Taylor Policy Group

Quarterly Tribal Research Partners Web Conference
In this edition, the NCAI Policy Research Center invites the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health in Sioux Falls, SD to share how they are supporting tribes across the Northern Plains in building their research capacity.

2016 Post Election Webinar: NCAI Native Vote evaluates the outcome of the Presidential, Congressional, and key state races and the impact of the 2016 elections on Indian Country. 11/10/2016

A Call to Support our Veterans: Presenting Preliminary Findings from a National Survey of Native Veterans. (Greg Urquhart (Cherokee Nation, Washington State University), 11/9/2015) 

Advocacy 101: Strategy & Data to Tell Your Story (NCAI & the National Rural Assembly, 08/19/2015)

Disseminating Diabetes Research (Dr. Ka'imi Sinclair, 11/19/2014)

Tribal Transportation Insights, featuring Cherokee & Seneca Nations (11/11/2014)

2014 Native Vote Post-Election Webinar. Following the Midterm Elections, the NCAI Policy Research Center provided national and state trends.  

Native American Issues of Health: Translating Pathways of Health Research, Sovereignty, and Philosophy into a Community Context (Dr. Rodney Haring, 11/26/2013)

Cultural Humility: A Core Value for American Indian Community Engagement and Translational Research (Dr. Tassy Parker, 11/22/2013)

Developing National Guidelines and Building Research Capacity to Support Inter-Tribal Communities (Dr. Jami Bartgis & Dr. Nicole Yuan, 11/19/2013) – Link will be posted after manuscript accepted for submission

2012 Native Vote Post-Election Webinar. Following the US Presidential Election, the NCAI Policy Research Center provided key national and state analysis of voter registration and turnout data.