Climate Action: Other Resources

This page features two types of resources: News Coverage, which compiles the latest news articles documenting tribal climate action efforts; and Organizational Resources, which lists organizations, academic institutions, and other entities committed to informing and supporting tribal nations’ efforts to effectively design and implement climate action plans and strategies.

This webpage is designed to serve as a growing resource that tribal nations can use to inform and guide strategic decision making as they craft self-governed approaches to climate action.

If you wish to suggest resources for NCAI to add to the webpage, please email



Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians: Climate Change 

A Guide for Tribal Leaders on U.S Climate Change Programs 

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: Center for Climate & Health

Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition 

APHA: Climate Changes Health: Tribal and Indigenous Health 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Climate and Health

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange 

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission: Climate Change 

Dibaginjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad: A Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu/Toolkit

Federal Actions for a Climate Resilient Nation

Fostering Tribal Engagement in Climate Science Centers and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission: Climate Change Program

Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives

Honor the Earth 

Indigenous Environmental Network 

Lakota Solar Enterprises 

LEO Network

Many Strong Voices 

National Indian Health Board: Climate Ready Tribes

National Tribal Water Council 

National Tribal Air Association 

National Wildlife Federation: Tribal Lands 

Native Nations Climate Adaptation Program (University of Arizona)

NAU: Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

NAU ITEP: Gila River Climate Change Adaptation Resources  

NIHB: Climate Ready Tribes

Northern California Tribal Court Coalition: Rights of Mother Earth 

Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center 

Northeast Indigenous Climate Resilience Network 

OCCRI: Tribal Climate Adaptation Guidebook

Oregon Climate Change Research Institute 

Trees, Water & People: Tribal Renewable Energy Program 

Tribal Environmental & Natural Resource Assistance Handbook  

University of Colorado-Boulder: Master's Degree Scholarship for Climate Adaptation Science   

University of Oregon: 
Tribal Climate Change Guide 

University of Oregon: Tribal Climate Change Project 

University of Washington: Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources 

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: Tribal Nations

USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers: Supporting Native Community Climate Adaptation Efforts Across the Country

USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers: Tribal Resilience Liaisons 


The Japan Times: Tribe's climate change plight highlights challenges for Native Americans (APR 2020)

Nonprofit Quarterly: Healthy Land, Healthy Food, Healthy People: A Cochiti Invitation to Join Us at the Table (APR 2020)

Slow Food: Indigenous Communities Around the World Protecting Biodiversity (MAR 2020)

Spartan Newsroom: Tribe recognizes Menominee River rights (MAR 2020)

Salt Lake Tribune: Clean energy produced on Navajo land could help power Los Angeles (MAR 2020)

JD Supra: House Democratic Climate Proposals Series: Key Tribal Provisions (MAR 2020)

The Lawrentian: Climate scientist presents on tribal knowledge (MAR 2020)

Star Tribune: As Wisconsin lakes warm, walleye are feeling the heat (MAR 2020)

The Guardian: How artwork shows the impact of the climate crisis on Indigenous Americans (MAR 2020)

The Citizen: Climate Policies Must Include Voices of Indigenous Communities (MAR 2020)

Solar Power World: 2020 GRID Solar Spring Break team will install solar with Chemehuevi and Navajo Tribes (MAR 2020)

Williams Lake Tribune: Preparing for climate change focus of upcoming workshop in Williams Lake (FEB 2020)

National Public Radio: 'We Are Part Of The United States': The 1st People Counted For the 2020 Census (FEB 2020)

Rapid City Journal: PUC Approves $100 million solar project on Pine Ridge Reservation (FEB 2020)

Gephardt Daily: Native oysters make comeback, thrive again in Puget Sound (FEB 2020)

Grist: Indigenous tribes are at the forefront of climate change planning in the U.S. (FEB 2020)

Grist: With wildfires on the rise, indigenous fire management is poised to make a comeback (FEB 2020)

NAU News: Institute for Tribal Enviromental Professionals earns $3.2M grant to help tribes prepare for changing climate (FEB 2020)

Indian Country Today: Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and Northwest tribal leaders stand together to protect the environment (FEB 2020)

National Public Radio: Climate Change Complicates Counting Some Alaska Native Villages For Census (FEB 2020)

KTVZ: Portland General Electric, Warm Springs tribes make $4.5 million in fish, wildlife, water project grants (FEB 2020)

Atlas Obscura: Indigenous People Are at the Forefront of Climate Change Planning in North America (FEB 2020)

Yale Environment 360: How Native Tribes Are Taking the Lead on Planning for Climate Change (FEB 2020)

Seven Days Vermont: The New Climate Action Film Festival Focuses on Solutions  (JAN 2020)

Think Out Loud: Climate Change Policy with Indigenous Rights Attorney (JAN 2020)

KToo: Kivalina joins four Louisiana tribes in a formal complaint to the United Nations about coastal erosion (JAN 2020)

DL-Online: LaDuke: Indigenous fire management is the answer to raging wildfires (JAN 2020)

Canada's National Observer: Settler nations have failed as caretakers of nature. It's time for a new approach (JAN 2020)

Devex: Youth, indigenous voices shape climate conservation at Davos (JAN 2020)

Resilience: Our Ancestors Managed Fire Country for Millennia. We Yearn to Burn Once More (JAN 2020)

UN Environment Programme: The effecct of wildfires on sustainable development (JAN 2020)

BC Local News: Science Matters: Climate and Conservation (JAN 2020)

Sight Magazine: Amazon emissions lowest from Indigenous and protected lands, scientists say (JAN 2020)

Mongabay: Canada working towards new future for Indigenous-led conservation (JAN 2020)

Indian Country Today: First Nations Climate Initiative invites British Columbia First Nations input on using liquified natural gas to address global climate change and alleviate poverty (JAN 2020)

Indian Country Today: Tribes file complaint with UN saying climate change threatens existence (JAN 2020)

North Country Now News: DEC and Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe announce first-ever state-tribal partnership for Area of Concern on U.S. side of the Great Lakes (JAN 2020)

Now This News: Indigenous Activist Sherri Mitchell is Fighting for Environmental Justice (JAN 2020)

Design Week: Ushering in the lo-TEK age: designers can learn from indigenous practice (JAN 2020)

Curbed: The world's oldest design techniques might be the most radical (JAN 2020)

Salt Lake Tribune: Salt River Project seeks solar energy from bidders, including Navajo Nation (JAN 2020)

Nonprofit Quarterly: Building Economic Sovereignty: A Model for Renewable Energy Emerges in the Spokane Nation (JAN 2020)

PV Magazine: Lookout solar: 'We are the first in Indian country to develop a large-scale solar project' (JAN 2020)

Desert Sun: The Golden State should take a lesson from tribe's energy independence (JAN 2020)

The New Food Economy: Puget Sound tribes and scientists join forces to breed millions of clams (JAN 2020)

UC Davis Magazine: How Can Agriculture Be a Part of the Climate Solution? (JAN 2020)

The Press Democrat: Blue Lake Rancheria tribe's microgrid helped neighboring communities during PG&E shut-offs (JAN 2020)

The Hill (Changing America): How tribal wisdom can help climate science (JAN 2020)

Washington Post: Amid shut-off woes, a beacon of energy (JAN 2020)

K5 News: Pride of the PNW: Tribe's perspective on saving the Salish Sea (DEC 2019)

Char-Koosta News: CSKT looks at past, present, and future to address climate change (DEC 2019)

Indian Country Today: 'If Standing Rock changed the world ... we can change ourselves' (DEC 2019)

Grist: Young indigenous activists are leading on climate justice in Alaska (DEC 2019)

The Guardian: 'The forest is shedding tears': the women defending their Amazon homeland(DEC 2019)

Finance & Commerce: Renewables embraced by American Indian tribes (DEC 2019)

Casper Star Tribune: $100 million solar project slated for South Dakota reservation moves ahead (DEC 2019)

Moody County Enterprise: Santee Sioux Tribe starts solar power project (DEC 2019)

Nation of Change: Preparing native youth to Steward Ancestral Lands (DEC 2019)

E&E News: Alaska's Coastal Communities Face a Growing Climate Threat (DEC 2019)

Jefferson Public Radio: Oregon Senators Introduce Tribal Water Quality Bill (DEC 2019)

Rabble News: Climate change policy must include Indigenous ecological knowledge (DEC 2019)

Anchorage Daily News: Looking for climate chagne's big picture rural Alaska communities gather to compare notes (DEC 2019)

The Guardian: Arctic sea ice cover falls to 'alarming' low as temperatures rise (DEC 2019)

Puyallup News: Puyallup Tribal Council declares climate emergency (DEC 2019)

National Public Radio: As Climate Warnings Grow Dire, Energy Companies Face a 'New Frontier of Threats' (DEC 2019)

The Canadian Press: Inuit sharing ancient knowledge of ice, sea, and land with new app (DEC 2019)

University of Wisconsin News: Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts revived under Governor's task force (NOV 2019)

KCET: How Yurok and Karuk Traditions Sustain Delicate Balance of North Coast Species (NOV 2019)

News Ghana: As coal dwindles, Southwest tribal solar farms pump out power (NOV 2019)

The Guardian: 'Fire is Medicine': the tribes burning California forests to save them (NOV 2019)

Cronkite News: Historically left out of Western water talks, tribes intend to have greater influence in future (NOV 2019)

Climate Home News: Climate policy needs to reflect resilience of northern indigenous communities (NOV 2019)

NBC News: Saving Oklahoma's prairies, a vital weapon against climate change (NOV 2019)

Common Dreams: Preparing Native Youth to Steward Ancestral Lands (NOV 2019)

KCET: Sea Level Rising: Living with Water (Video) (NOV 2019)

WCAI: Native Land Conservancy Tackles Climate Change from Indigenous Perspective (NOV 2019)

The Journal: Navajo Nation water project advances (NOV 2019)

Native American Calling: Tribes and climate change (NOV 2019)

Ensia: Why Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Knowledge are Vital to Protecting Future Global Biodiversity (NOV 2019)

Edhat (Santa Barbara): EPA Recognizes Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians for Recycling Accomplishments (NOV 2019)

Truthout: Amid Blackout, a California Tribal Village Kept Lights On With Solar Energy (NOV 2019)

EPA News Release: EPA Awards 2019 Environmental Justice Small Grants for Projects to Passamaquoddy Tribe of Pleasant Point and Penobscot Indian Nation (NOV 2019)

New Security Beat: Permafrost Melt, Rising Seas, and Coastal Erosion Threaten Arctic Communities (NOV 2019)

Los Angeles Times: They've managed the forest forever. It's why they're key to the climate change fight (NOV 2019)

KCET: Traditional Boat Building Helps Native Community Hone Ecological Knowledge (NOV 2019)

National Public Radio (Utah): Merging Western Science With Native Knowledge To Combat Climate Change (NOV 2019)

CleanTechnica: Indigenous Peoples & Clean Energy (NOV 2019)

Phys.Org: Cities, tribes try a new environmental approach: Give nature rights (NOV 2019)

Juneau Empire: 'Vanguards' of climate change action, Southeast tribe shares ambitious plan(OCT 2019)

Sightline Institute: The Colville Tribes Combat Climate Change with Their Forests (OCT 2019)

Indian Country Today: What western states can learn from Native American wildfire management strategies (OCT 2019)

Indian Country Today: Alaska Federation of Natives declares climate emergency (OCT 2019)

Yes! Magazine: Colonization, Fire Suppression, and Indigenous Resurgence in the Face of Climate Change(OCT 2019)

Earther Gizmodo: Tribes Are Pushing Washington to Be the First State to Declare a Climate Emergency(OCT 2019)

Carlsbad Current Argus: New Mexico Native American tribe building solar farms amid state's renewable transition (OCT 2019)

Cision: First Nations Commit to Fight Climate Change Internationally, Launch Northwest Coast First Nations Collaborative Climate Initiative (OCT 2019)

National Public Radio: Pacific Northwest Tribes Face Climate Change With Agricultural Ancient Practice (OCT 2019)

Navajo Times: NTUA, Kayenta solar project chart path to the future (OCT 2019)

Penobscot Bay Pilot: State and federal agencies, Penobscot Indian Nation, business collaborate to raise salmon in Penobscot River (OCT 2019)

Crosscut: Washington's coastal tribes are working to escape rising sea levels. A bill in D.C. could help (OCT 2019)

Del Norte Triplicate: Yurok Tribe honored by UN (SEPT 2019)

Mother Jones: Some Indigenous Communities Have a New Way to Fight Climate Change: Give Personhood Rights to Nature (SEPT 2019)

KNAU Arizona Public Radio: Navajo Nation Opens Second Phase Of Kayenta Solar Project (SEPT 2019)

State of the Planet - Earth Institute: Just Climate Change Action: The Importance and Challenges of Centering Indigenous Wisdom & Perspectives (SEPT 2019)

Ashland Daily Press: Bad River Tribe embarks on $2M biggest-in-state solar project (SEPT 2019)

Times Standard: Yurok Tribe accepts UN Equator Prize for forest management (SEPT 2019)

High Country News: The Klamath River now has the legal rights of a person (SEPT 2019)

Public Radio International: With an Indigenous perspective, Anchorage seeks to adapt to climate change even if Alaska doesn't (SEPT 2019)

West Fargo Pioneer: 'Protecting our people and land': Standing Rock pipeline protests fuel momentum to sustainable future (SEPT 2019)

State of the Planet - Earth Institute: The Tribe that Brought a Damaged Shoreline Back to Life (SEPT 2019)

Maine Public: How Maine Tribes Are Adapting TO Climate Change, Threatening Thousands of Years Of Culture (SEPT 2019)

Gothamist: Long Island’s Shinnecock Fight Sea Level Rise By Using Nature Itself (SEPT 2019)

GoSkagit Local News: Samish tribe helping to study local kelp forests (SEPT 2019)

The Journal: Southern Ute Indian Tribe expands emergency water storage (SEPT 2019)

Indian Country Today: Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Navajo Nation adopted by Navajo Nation Council (SEPT 2019)

Yale Climate Connections: How indigenous communities are working to protect the climate (SEPT 2019)

Eureka Times Standard: Karuk Tribe's climate plan uses fire as a prevention ally (SEPT 2019)

Eureka Times Standard:  Blue Lake Rancheria receives EPA award for green energy leadership (SEPT 2019)

Phnom Penh Post: Climate change forcing Alaskans to hunt for new ways to survive (SEPT 2019)

Thomson Reuters Foundation News: FEATURE - Columbia's indigenous tribes share secrets to safeguard Amazon forest (SEPT 2019)

New Mexico Political Report: Tribes are leaders in wildlife management (SEPT 2019)

Common Dreams: Could Rights of Nature Laws Help Save Endangered Orcas? (AUG 2019)

The Revelator: California Tribe Hopes to Conquer Climate Woes - With Fire (AUG 2019)

Sierra: "Like Gold to Us": Native American Nations Struggle to Protect Wild Rice
(AUG 2019) 

Indian Country Today: New program gives remote Native American Tribes greater access to affordable electric vehicles
(AUG 2019) 

Lost Coast Outpost: Karuk Tribe Releases Climate Adaptation Plan Calling for More Prescribed Fires (AUG 2019) 

Northern Arizona University: Combining western science, Indigenous knowledge offers new approach to help forests adapt to new conditions
(AUG 2019) 

Crosscut: 'A sacred day': Tribes help salmon swim in upper Columbia for first time since 1955
(AUG 2019) 

Indianz: Mark Trahant: Indigenous knowledge to saving climate and land
(AUG 2019) 

Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin Tribes Plan Green Updates With Help Of Department Of Energy Grants
(AUG 2019) 

Juneau Empire: Tlingit and Haida commissioned a climate change report for Southeast Alaska. Here's what they found.
(AUG 2019) 

Stuff: The legal threat and the big opportunity in Maori engagement on climate change response
(AUG 2019) 

The Daily Star: That river has rights: New strategy to protect the planet
(AUG 2019) 

Gizmodo: North Dakota's First Solar Farm Opens on Standing Rock Tribal Land
(JUL 2019) 

Climate Home News: 'There is no coming back from disappearing coastlines'
(JUL 2019) 

High Country News: The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe goes solar
(JUL 2019) 

Desert Sun: Cabazon and Twenty-Nine Palms tribes create air quality monitoring station in Indio
(JUL 2019) 

High Country News: How to Indigenize the Green New Deal and environmental justice
(JUL 2019) 

Indian Country Today: Over a dozen tribes selected for funding from Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund for new clean energy projects
(JUL 2019) 

The Christian Science Monitor: Will climate change force this Alaska village to relocate?
(JUL 2019) 

Mongabay: As climate chaos escalates in Indian Country, feds abandon tribes
(JUL 2019) 

SitNews: Southeast Alaska tribal council develops climate change plan
(JUN 2019) 

Indian Country Today: Seven ways tribes are repairing the Salish Sea and Washington waterways
(JUN 2019) 

The Star: Indigenous peoples are leading in protecting our land
(JUN 2019) 

The Conversation: Tsilhqot'in Nation addressess climate disasters
(JUN 2019) 

Big Island Now: Moloka'i and Kaua'i-Based Hui Receive Equator Prize  (JUN 2019) 

Cronkite News: Native youth aim to hold U.S. accountable for climate change (JUN 2019) 

Spokesman-Review: Solar celebration hosted by Spokane Tribe (MAY 2019) 

Mongabay: How climate change could throw Maori culture off-balance
(MAY 2019) 

KTOO Public Media: Climate change looks different in Southeast Alaska. Here's how tribes are planning for that.
(MAY 2019) 

NIHB: Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Releases Open-Access Learning Modules to Help Tribes Assess Health and Adapt to Climate Change
(MAY 2019) 

KYUK: Quinhagak Begins To Look At Climate Change
(MAY 2019) 

New School Free Press: Indigenous Resistance Presses For Community Rights and Knowledge In Face of Climate Change
(MAY 2019) 

Bellevue Reporter: AG Ferguson announces historic Tribal Consent and Consultation policy
(MAY 2019) 

ABC 7 KRCR News: Yurok Tribe establishes 'Rights of the Klamath River'
(MAY 2019)  

HuffPost: Should Tribal Nations Use Treaties To Hold The Feds Accountable For Climate Change?
(MAY 2019) 

Next City: With an Indigenous Perspective, Anchorage Seeks to Adapt to Climate Change Even If Alaska Doesn't
(MAY 2019) 

Worldcrunch: Indigenous Peoples, First Victims of Climate Change
(MAY 2019) 

University of Alaska Fairbanks: Workshop helps coastal communities plan for climate change
(MAY 2019) Study examines impact of climate change on Louisiana's Houma tribe
(MAY 2019) Climate change forcing Alaskans to hunt for new ways to survive
(MAY 2019)

Yahoo Finance: New Ecological Stewardship Report from First Nations Showcases Tribal Models of Culturally Appropriate and Values-Centered Development
(APR 2019) 

Washington Post: New EPA document tells communities to brace for climate change impacts
(APR 2019) 

New York Times: Can Humans Help Trees Outrun Climate Change?
(APR 2019) 

University of Kansas: Study examines how tribes have used treaty rights to successfully halt energy development on Indigenous lands
(APR 2019) 

Regulatory Review: Tribal Regulation of Single-Use Plastics
(APR 2019) 

The Daily (UW): Regenerating Keystone Species in Washington: Olympic Peninsula communities and climate change researchers are stronger together
(APR 2019) 

Virginia Mercury: Our ancestors' voices are begging us to stand up
(APR 2019) 

HuffPost: This One Idea Can Save Us From Climate Breakdown, Say Campaigners
(APR 2019) 

Newsweek: Obama Created a Climate Change Panel. Trump Disbanded It. They Regrouped. Here's Their Report
(APR 2019)

Yes!: How Tribes Are Harnessing Cutting-Edge Data to Plan for Climate Change
(MAR 2019)

Nation of Change: Pine Ridge Reservation Flooding Highlights Massive Implications of Climate Change on Native American Communities (MAR 2019) 

Yale Climate Connections: Microgrid system saves tribes $200,000 a year (MAR 2019) 

The Intercept: A Lakota Historian on What Climate Change Organizers Can Learn from Two Centuries of Indigenous Resistance (MAR 2019)

Vote Solar: Picuris Pueblo: Shining Light on New Mexico’s Community Solar Opportunity (FEB 2019)

CNN: European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers say (FEB 2019)

Albuquerque Journal: Jemez Pueblo offers centuries of valuable fire lessons (DEC 2018)

Indian Country Today: Tribal people face disproportionate impact from climate change (NOV 2018) 

University of Washington: New resources support tribes in preparing for climate change (NOV 2018)

Orion Magazine: The People's Forest (SEPT 2018)

Smithsonian: Prospects Are Looking Up for This Gulf Coast Tribe Relocating to Higher Ground (AUG 2018)

goSkagit: Tribe planning to restore a marsh along Swinomish Channel (AUG 2018) 

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: Blue Lake Rancheria Tribes Undertakes Innovative Action to Reduce the Causes of Climate Change (JUN 2018)

NIHB: Tribal Climate Champions: Spotlight on Blackfeet Nation (MAY 2018) 

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Combine Mitigation with Capacity Building (MAR 2018)

NIHB: Tribal Climate Change Champions: Spotlight on the Village of Wainwright (JAN 2018)

Montana Public Radio: CSKT Pledges to Uphold Paris Climate Agreement (JAN 2018)

NIHB: Tribal Climate Champions: Spotlight on Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (DEC 2017)

AzCentral: Navajo Nations first solar project now producing enough electricity for about 13,000 homes (AUG 2017) 

YES Magazine: Tribes Were the First Climate Change Refugees - and the First to Build Resilience Plans (AUG 2017) 

Solar Power World: 8 Native American tribes going solar (AUG 2017) 

Mother Jones: Indigenous People Plan to Honor Treaty that Trump Won't 
(JUL 2017)

The Guardian: Indigenous knowledge systems can help solve the problems of climate change (JUN 2017)

NCAI: Tribal Leaders Vote on Resolution Supporting the Paris Climate Agreement at NCAI Mid-Year (JUN 2017)

VOA: Native Americans Most at Risk From Impact of Climate Change (APR 2017) 

Arizona State University: Climate Action in the Era of #NoDAPL: Following the Footsteps of the First Nations (MAR 2017)

HuffPost: Local Knowledge as a Model of Climate Change Mitigation (JAN 2017)

Phoenix Business Journal: Water plays a key role in economic development for Native American communities (SEPT 2016)

Aljazeera: The Choctaw Vs Climate Change: 'The earth is speaking' (JUN 2016)

Del Norte Triplicate: Tribe plans for climate change (FEB 2016) 

NPR: Facing Rising Waters, A Native Tribe Takes its Plea to Paris Climate Talks (DEC 2015)

NOAA: Climate Change and Tribal Nations (NOV 2015)

CPN: Tribal Climate Change Plan Moves Forward with Federal Grant Fund (OCT 2015)

Northwest Treaty Tribes: Swinomish Tribe Studies Effect of Climate Change on Community Culture (FEB 2015) 

Northeast Climate Adaption Science Center: Building Bridges Between Tribes and Climate Scientists (FEB 2015) 

K5 News: Swinomish Tribe Blazing Trail in Preparing for Climate Change (SEPT 2014)