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Integration: Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Center

Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Center is named 2018 NINAETC 477 Grantee of the year. (Photo: BMP Facebook page) 

Established in 1997 as the Blackfeet Nation’s workforce development arm, BMP became the first certifies Native American One-Stop Center in the U.S. in 2007. It did so to consolidate its resources and be more responsive to the pressing needs of Nation members living on and around the Blackfeet Reservation, which struggles with a 70% unemployment rate. Serving more than 2,200 welfare recipients, BMP offers “a comprehensive set of services under one roof”  (including GA, NACTEP, Tribal TANF, and TVR) to clients of all ages and walks of life. The linchpin of this integrated system is its universal application, administered by a single case worker who is assigned to each client and assesses his/her job-readiness challenges and then seamlessly routes that person to the customized suite of services they need. By pooling and leveraging dollars from DOI, DOL, HHS, and other funding sources, BMP also operates a centralized database that tracks its clients’ progress over time, collating and analyzing data from its component programs and then sharing the results with those programs so that everyone knows how individual clients are doing, how well their programs are performing, and how they can perform better. 

CONNECT: George Kipp, Director, Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Center,

Workforce Development: BLACKFEET MANPOWER

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