Gila River Indian Community

“When we see these participants leave as certified phlebotomists, fire fighters, construction workers, we proudly shake their hands and tell them, ‘Good job! You did this all for yourself and your family. You chose to pursue this pathway and achieve your lifelong goal. We were simply there to support you and mentor you; you did everything on your own. It’s a very proud moment.” 

Alfreda Brown, Training Coordinator, Gila River Indian Community

Employment & Training Department

…Gila River’s methodical design process culminated in the launch of a comprehensive, employer-led workforce development system customized to the particular needs and short- and long-term priorities of the Community’s workforce, its employers, and the tribal nation as a whole. Seamlessly integrating occupational skills training, basic skills education, and   employment, Gila River’s version of Career Pathways combines contextual learning with academic and career counseling, wrap-around support services (particularly at key points of professional transition), and ongoing support of participants as they implement their career plans. The unifying goal of CP’s many stakeholders is to enhance in targeted fashion the skills of its workforce – both its unemployed and employed citizens – “so that getting a job and advancing in a job is easier”…

CONNECT: Lana Chanda, Director of Employment & Training, Gila River Indian Community,  

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