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The Kaibab National Forest with the Hopi Tribe and tribal youth working together on a collaborative management project entitled the Hopi Kaibab springs restoration project. (Photo: U.S. Forest Service, Southwest Region, Kaibab National Forest) 

In 2014, the Hopi Tribe’s Cultural Preservation Office and Cultural Resources Advisory Task Team (CRATT) forged an agreement with Kaibab National Forest to work together to preserve a system of natural springs within the North Kaibab Plateau. At CRATT’s request, the partnership features a training component for Hopi youth – specifically WIOA participants ages 16-24 – that exposes them to careers in environmental management and related fields, builds their work ethic, and gives them the chance to learn land stewardship and traditional ecological knowledge directly from their elders. To marshal the necessary resources to support the initiative, the partners have enlisted a growing coalition of other partners to offset certain financial costs and provide in-kind contributions in the form of staff time, technical expertise, and professional mentoring of the youth. Since 2014, 44 Hopi youth have participated in four collaborative projects, and their success prompted the Tribe and U.S. Forest Service to launch plans to replicate the approach in three other national forests, and also expand the youth training component to include longer-term internships that will deepen participants’ exposure to careers caring for the natural world.

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Workforce Development: HOPI TRIBE

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