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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program receives "High Honors" during the Harvard Honoring Nations Awards program in 2007. (Photo:

Concerned the State of Oklahoma wasn’t doing enough to prepare its people who were leaving prison for life outside of it, in 2004 MCN established its Reintegration Program (RIP). Believing all of its participants are capable of becoming positive, productive citizens, RIP provides them a holistic array of culturally- based support services before, during, and after their re-entry into society. RIP case managers work closely with participants to eliminate their barriers to employment through GED acquisition, training, resume preparation, and connecting them with offender-friendly employers. When they are between jobs, RIP expects participants to volunteer for community service (mowing MCN elders’ lawns and moving families’ furniture are typical projects). RIP also maintains several partnerships designed to help participants address their “life-sustaining needs” such as housing, clothing, and groceries so they have a stable foundation upon which to get and keep a job. Whereas Oklahoma’s recidivism rate for Native offenders is 30 percent, RIP’s recidivism rate is just 10 percent. According to RIP, “We strengthen our sovereignty by addressing the needs of a population that oftentimes are denied basic services because of a felony conviction.”

Connect: Tony Fish, Manager, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program,

Workforce Development: MUSCOGEE (CREEK) NATION 

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