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In 2011, POL launched its Workforce Excellence initiative, a Laguna values-driven approach to improve POL’s staff morale, service delivery, and workplace environment; enhance employee retention; and ensure that all POL employees have the resources they need to thrive. To implement the initiative, the Pueblo overhauled its Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual, which includes its personnel grievance policy. Previously, POL’s political leadership – namely the Governor and two Lieutenant Governors – served as ultimate arbiters of the policy, which lacked due process and consistency. Sometimes, they were not adequately informed about the particulars of a given case or made personnel decisions outside the scope of the policy. Now insulated from politics, POL’s new personnel policy features a “progressive disciplinary process” for minor personnel issues that is handled within the Pueblo’s administrative structure; serious personnel grievance issues are now resolved by an objective third-party grievance committee outside of employees’ direct chains of command. This shift has brought consistency and fairness to the process, helping to stabilize POL’s employment system and enhance the Pueblo’s ability to retain and cultivate its human capacity. Also helping in that regard, the Pueblo recently developed a new wage classification system to make employee salaries more regionally competitive. As an added benefit, these changes have freed up the time of POL’s political leaders to focus on advancing Laguna’s big-picture priorities.

CONNECT: Jaye Chissoe, Administrative Services Director, Pueblo of Laguna,

Workforce Development: PUEBLO OF LAGUNA

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