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Culture: Round Valley Indian Tribes

Located in rural northern California, RVIT’s Tribal TANF program works to stabilize participants’ living conditions and remove their barriers to employment through hard skills training, health and wellness training and support, and job interview preparation so that they can get hired, enabling them to move from welfare dependence to independence. A few years ago, many TANF participants were struggling to comply with the program’s work requirements because of the time they spent engaged in seasonal subsistence hunting and fishing in order to provide for their families. In response, the TANF program’s leadership negotiated with ACF a revised definition of eligible work activities to “accept cultural participation” as countable work hours, a change that has enabled those participants to stay in program compliance while at the same time fulfilling their cultural obligations. This has led to higher rates of program completion among TANF participants and, in turn, the reduced dependency of needy parents on RVIT government for services. Round Valley also raised the poverty percentage threshold to enable its TANF program to help more of its people in need, particularly its working poor and their families.

CONNECT: Cindy Hoaglen, Tribal TANF Director, Round Valley Indian Tribes,


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