The ITWG has participated in a series of webinars focused on defendants’ rights issues (including indigent counsel); the fair cross section requirement and jury pool selection; prosecution skills; and victims’ rights. A webinar was also held to review DOJ’s Application Questionnaire for the Pilot Project.

Webinar PowerPoint Slides:

Jury Pools & Selection

Defendants' Rights

Victims' Rights

Protection Orders

  • Part I - Crafting, Serving, and Enforcing Protection Orders

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Prosecution Skills

Application Questionnaire

Lessons Learned

Code Revision and Drafting


Tribal Access Program

Tribal Access Program: Criminal and Civil Uses, September 4, 2019

The Department of Justice's Tribal Access Program or TAP, provides selected federally recognized Tribes access to national crime information systems for federally authorized criminal justice and non-criminal justice purposes.

This webinar includes an explanation of the program, including benefits and requirements for Tribal agencies (such as law enforcement, social services, courts and many others), and an overview of the application process for entry into the program.

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Webinar materials:

TAP Brochure

TAP FY20 Application

TAP Worksheet


Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction Funding Opportunities

DOJ Office on Violence Against Women Funding to Prepare for and Exercise VAWA 2013's Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction, February 7, 2020

NCAI's VAWA 2013's Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction: Five Year Report noted that implementing Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction (SDVCJ) can be prohibitively expensive for some tribes. During and beyond the implementation phase, tribes need funding, access to resources, and services to support implementation. This webinar discusses the wide variety of SDVCJ needs that can be funded through the OVW Grants to Tribal Governments to Exercise SDVCJ program.

This webinar reviews the solicitation itself with guidance on how to submit a successful application, the post-award requirements to better prepare in the event the tribe receives the award, and an overview of projects that have been funded in the past. The webinar also includes a panel of speakers from FY 2019 grant recipients, who describe their grant projects and their experiences with the application process.

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Webinar materials:

OVW FY2020 Tribal Jurisdiction Program solicitation

OVW FY2020 Tribal Jurisdiction Program pre-application information session PowerPoint presentation