The Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma

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Exercising jurisdiction since May 9, 2015. 

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The Choctaw Nation spans 11 counties in Oklahoma. The Choctaw Nation has a total of 223,279 registered members, 84,670 of whom live in Oklahoma. The Tribal area tracked by the U.S. Census has a population of approximately 231,000. The population of that area is 21 percent Indian and 79 percent non-Indian.

Choctaw Nation maintains both a Constitutional Court, and a Court of General Jurisdiction, which includes both an Appellate and District Court. Domestic Violence cases are heard in the District Courts which incorporate traditional values into the system to provide more tailored solutions to their cases. The Tribe’s Children and Family Services Department provides Domestic Violence Support.

The Choctaw Nation has not received grant funding from the program authorized in VAWA 2013 to support the exercise of SDVCJ.

Map showing Choctaw Nation reservation

See infra n.xxxifor a discussion of Murphy v. Royal’s potential impact on the tribe’s land base.

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