5 Year Prosecution Statistics

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143 Arrests

74 Convictions

24 Cases Pending

5 Acquittals

14 Federal Referrals

73 Guilty Pleas

21 Dismissals

19 Declinations

6 Trials

5 Jury Trials

1 Bench Trial

1 Jury Trial Conviction



128 Defendants

90% / 115 Male Defendants

10% / 13 Female Defendants

8 Non-U.S. Citizen Defendants


128 Victims

90% / 115 Female Defendants

10% / 13 Male Defendants

19 Victims Required Medical Care



0 Petitions for A Federal Writ Of Habeas Corpus

51% Incidents Involved Drugs or Alcohol

58% Incidents Involved Children

At Least 73 Defendants Had Criminal Records

125 Domestic or Dating

34 Protection

At Least 33 Defendants Sentenced to Incarceration

3 Years Longest Incarceration Sentence

85 Defendants Account For 378 Prior Contacts with Tribal Police Before Their Tribe Implemented SDVCJ

51% Defendants Sent to Batterer Intervention, Or Other Rehabilitation Program

Note: Unless otherwise cited to another source, the information here—including the statistics above—is attributable to the sum of the experiences of the technical assistance providers, NCAI, the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI), and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), including numerous meetings, phone calls, trainings, webinars, and emails. The information collected about implementation is documented and corroborated in NCAI’s internal notes and reports. They are not cited specifically, unless they are a direct quotation.