Tribal Membership


NCAI Membership is made up of Tribes and Individuals who have met the eligibility criteria and the payment of dues as outlined in Article III of the NCAI By-Laws. Annual membership dues shall be due and payable at the Annual Convention of each year.

For further membership information, contact: NCAI at (202) 466-7767

All members are determined to be in good standing upon full payment of tribal dues. To become a Member Tribe in good standing, please complete these important steps:

Mail all of the above-referenced documents along with payment to:

National Congress of American Indians
1516 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

CLICK HERE: Tribal Membership Dues Invoice (PDF Form)
CLICK HERE: Tribal Membership Dues Invoice (Word Doc)

Details about Tribal Membership

Articles from the National Congress of American Indians Constitution and By-Laws applicable to the Membership Process:

Section B: Tribal Membership

Any Tribe, band or identifiable group of American Indians or Alaska Natives shall be eligible for tribal membership provided it shall fulfill all the following requirements:

1. A substantial number of its members reside upon the same reservation or, in the absence of a reservation in the same general locality;

2. It maintains a tribal organization, with regular officers and the means of transacting business and arriving at a reasonably accurate count of its membership;

3. It is not a mere offshoot or fraction of an organized Tribe, itself eligible for  membership; and

4. It is recognized as a Tribe or other identifiable group of American Indians or Alaska Natives by the Department of the Interior, Court of Claims, the Interior, Court of Claims, the Indian Claims Commission, or a State.



Section C: Dues - In accordance with the following table:


Over $30 million 
Over $20 million to $30 million
Over $10 million to $20 million    
Over $5 million to $10 million  
Over $1 million to $5 million  
Over $500,000 to $1 million
$0 to $500,000




If revenue exceeds $60 million  please consider increasing your dues as a contribution to NCAI.

Section B 1d: Votes

Each individual member is entitled to one vote. Each member tribe is entitled to 100-180 votes, depending upon the enrollment of the Tribe. Each member Tribe shall vote in accordance with the following table:

Tribal Enrollment
Up to & including 500
501 to 1500
1501 to 2500
2501 to 3500
3501 to 4500 
4501 to 5500
5501 to 6500
6501 to 7500
over 7500 
Number of Votes