First Kids 1st

The First Kids 1st – Every Child is Sacred is a national collaborative effort is comprised of leading Native American organizations, allies, and partners from all backgrounds, focused on changing national, tribal, and state policy to create conditions in which American Indian and Alaska Native children can thrive. We are working to cultivate and nurture strategies and policies that build and strengthen equitable and local supports for vulnerable Native children in their communities.

Founding Partners: National Congress of American Indians, National Indian Child Welfare Association, National Indian Education Association, and National Indian Health Board

Press Releases

Press Release - July 2014

Press Release - July 2015

Press Release - September 2015 

Press Release - June 2016


Edition 1 - April 2015

Edition 2 - June 2015 

Edition 3 - July 2015 

Edition 4 - August/September 2015

Edition 5 - October/November 2015 

Edition 6 - December 2015/January 2016