Debate on Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) will be hosting its 80th Annual Convention & Marketplace from November 12-17, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to the typical business of the Congress—including elections of NCAI leadership—the upcoming Convention will include a vote on proposed changes to the NCAI Constitution.

Info Sheet on Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Click below to read communications from the Executive Committee to the NCAI membership about the proposed amendments to the NCAI Constitution:

NCAI Executive Committee’s letter (September 12, 2023)

NCAI Executive Committee’s letter (October 2, 2023)

The national NCAI office received two (2) separate proposals to amend the NCAI Constitution at the 2023 Annual Convention. Initially, these proposals both sought to change some of the same provisions of the NCAI Constitution. After consulting with the NCAI Parliamentarian, the Executive Committee reached out to the sponsors of the two proposals and asked if they would be willing to “harmonize” them so that they wouldn’t offer contradictory instructions in the event both proposals were passed. The sponsors of the proposals agreed to work together and, ultimately, modified the text of each proposal to make them more distinct from one another. Both proposals can now be reviewed here:

Two Proposals to Amend the NCAI Constitution (updated)

Deliberations on Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Creating space for debate on any changes to the NCAI governing documents is, of course, critical. Given the scope and substance of the proposed changes, there are undoubtedly many issues to consider and many Tribal Nations and individual members will wish to weigh in on the matter. In the interest of balancing the need for deliberation with the logistical realities and time limitations of the NCAI Annual Convention, the NCAI Executive Committee has authorized the creation of this webpage on the NCAI website to house formal written comments by NCAI members in good standing that either support or oppose one or both of the proposed amendments to the NCAI Constitution. NCAI members-in-good-standing can submit their comments on the proposed constitutional amendments for public viewing on the NCAI website by completing this form. Any questions about the form submission process should be sent to Comments submitted may take up to three (3) business days before appearing on the NCAI website.

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