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What is an NCAI Resolution?

NCAI resolutions are one of the policy mechanisms used to express the organizational positions on tribal, federal, state, and/or local legislation, litigation, and policy matters that affect tribal governments or communities.

How do I submit a Resolution?

All of NCAI’s advocacy work is guided by the Resolutions Process. Please review the process before you submit if you are not familiar with it.

1. Download the current Resolution Template to draft your Resolution

2. Submit your Resolution through our Online portal. (Resolutions will only be accepted via this form.)

  • Only NCAI Individual Indian members in good standing are authorized to submit a resolution. Sponsors must update or renew their membership in order for their resolutions to be considered at Conference.
  • If you have issues submitting resolutions via the online form above, direct questions to Meghan Kearney at
  • NOTE: This is not the submission place for Membership and Tribal Delegate Resolutions. Membership and tribal delegate resolutions should be emailed to Any questions about this process should be directed to Dillon Shije at

3. Timely resolutions for the upcoming 80th Annual Convention must be submitted by Monday, October 23, 2023 at 11:59 PM CDT. After this initial deadline, any resolutions received will be considered late and must therefore, be considered emergency in nature or national in scope as determined by the NCAI Resolutions Committee. Late resolutions will be accepted until Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 12 noon CDT.


Where can I view Resolutions?

The resolutions created and passed by NCAI members cover a broad range of topics and are important for providing direction to the organization and as advocacy tools with policy makers. Currently, the online searchable database houses several thousand resolutions dating back to 1944. If you are not able to locate a resolution, please contact Suzanne Gould, NCAI Archival Specialist at