Tribal Consultation National Webinar

 September 25, 2023

About the Event:

The U.S. Census Bureau is hosting a national webinar with federally recognized tribes across the country. This webinar is part of the Census Bureau’s ongoing efforts to improve and maintain a government-to-government relationship with tribes. This consultation is to discuss our proposed 2020 Census data products and the 2020 Disclosure Avoidance System (DAS). The DAS is a new, advanced, and far more powerful confidentiality protection system than previously used that employs a rigorous mathematical process to protect respondents’ information and identity.

This national webinar will provide a forum for the tribes to share insights, make recommendations, and discuss concerns with the Census Bureau, related to the transition to a new DAS to protect information provided by respondents on the 2020 Census, and publishing detailed race and ethnicity data from the 2020 Census, including detailed data on the American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

The 2020 Census Tribal Consultation National Webinar will be held at the following date and time:

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 | 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST

Topics for discussion:

DAS, 2020 Census data products URL to participate in webinar: Dial-in Information to join the audio conference portion of the webinar: 800-857-8887 | Passcode: 5484613 

If you have any questions prior to the webinar, please contact Dee Alexander at (301) 763-9335, or