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Advocacy in Action: The Origins of ECWS
February 1, 2024
Advocacy in Action: The Origins of ECWS

About the Sentinel Blog

The Sentinel signals a rebirth of NCAI’s oldest and most continuously published membership newsletter, The NCAI Sentinel. Published for the first time in the 1940s, The Sentinel focused on NCAI membership matters, events, people and policy issues. This newly conceived version will, instead, take a look backwards with a nod to the present. Each post will feature stories about past events, programs, and people, as well as articles on NCAI leaders throughout the years and new developments and discoveries in the archival collections.

Drawing on NCAI’s rich digital and physical archival collections, it is our hope that you will return each month to learn more about the organization’s 80 years of advocacy for Indian Country and, as a result, will also remain informed about what is happening at NCAI today.

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