2024 Spring Native Children and Youth Funding Project Intern

This job listing has closed.

Skills & Qualifications

● Knowledge of Native culture and/or lived experience with Tribal organizations, Tribal service
systems, or Tribal government structures
● Basic proficiency with Microsoft Office and/or Google Suite (e.g., using Gmail, Google Docs,
Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint)
● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail (e.g., experience editing documents,
organizing personal paperwork)
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills (e.g., experience facilitating meetings,
explaining procedures, writing essays, preparing and delivering PowerPoint presentations)
● Team-oriented attitude with an ability to work both collaboratively and independently in a
remote environment (e.g., experience completing group projects at school, co-developing
and editing documents or presentations online, taking online courses)
● Exposure to / experience with Native American or indigenous studies coursework and
social science research methods is preferred

Experience with or desire to learn:
• Power BI and other data analysis tools
• Child and youth financing policies and strategies
• Public budget and related policy research

Duties & Responsibilities

About the Position: Children’s Funding Project is seeking a detail-oriented and self-starting individual to join our Native Children and Youth Funding (NCYF) project team for a 3-6 month internship starting in January or February 2024. In this role, you will help Children’s Funding Project deliver on its mission by tracking, analyzing, organizing, and disseminating actionable information about public funding for Tribal
Nations and Native communities. You will also provide administrative and other support to the project team, including notetaking, scheduling, and knowledge management tasks.

The NCYF Project intern will have the opportunity to:
● Monitor, track, and gain a comprehensive understanding of federal funding for Tribal Nations and Native communities
● Help carry out applied research projects, including literature reviews, data collection, and equity and other analyses
● Support senior staff during calls, meetings, and other interactions with Tribal leaders, philanthropic funders, and research partners, ensuring that key conversations are tracked and documented
● Help schedule, organize, and participate in strategic public financing webinars, trainings and other events
● Draft briefs, fact sheets, tools, and other materials for tribal leaders, advocates, funders, and other audiences
● Contribute to other projects as assigned

Salary & Benefits

15-30 hours per week for up to 6 months. Starting and ending dates and weekly work schedules
can be flexed to accommodate time zone differences, as well as classwork and other
● Compensation is $20 per hour