Chief Executive Officer

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Skills & Qualifications


Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration, Health Administration, Business or Public Administration, or related field with at least five (5) years of relevant executive-level experience in the health care field, with
demonstrable success.

Preferred Qualifications:

 10 or more years of experience in management, administration and supervision, in an executive capacity,
within the health care field.
 Bilingual skills in English and the Keres native language.
 Prior experience working with Indian Health Services (IHS), a Tribe or Tribal Organization.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
 Understanding of the delivery of rural, community-oriented health care delivery systems.
 Experience with the provisions of P.L. 93-638 Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act
contracting and the IHS system.
 Demonstrated managerial and supervisory ability.
 Exceptional communication skills.
 Knowledge fund accounting, finance, budgetary control, and business administration.
 Clear ability with strategic planning, analyzing problems, projecting consequences, identifying solutions,
and implementing recommendations.
 Familiarity with the mandatory reporting requirements under the Indian Child Protection Act, with regards to suspected incidence of child abuse or child neglect.
 Extensive knowledge of appropriate accrediting and certification requirements, such as JCAHO, AAAHC, Medicare/Medicaid, OSHA, etc.
 Knowledge of policies and regulations on Tort Claims and Third-Party Claims.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities include:

 Implement the vision and mission.
 Develop short- and long-term strategy.
 Establish and implement all policies adopted by KPHC’s Board of Directors.
 Command and direct business operations.
 Identify, research, and present business opportunities to the KPHC Board of Directors and Tribal Council.
 Develop long range goals, formulate annual objectives, and direct the operational planning process.
 Oversee the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting, and annual audit; establish and implement financial and accounting policies and procedures; and read, analyze, and interpret financial reports and legal documents.
 Identify and direct the quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives, regulatory compliance, and patient grievance systems and external appeals processes.
 Coordinate with KPHC’s Board, financial team, and other key staff to identify and pursue alternate
resources to support program activity including grant and funding applications, contractual arrangements, staffing agreements, and third-party reimbursements.
 Advise and participate in regular financial, operational, community.
 Ensure all business activities are in compliance with policies and procedures and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and all Tribal, State, and Federal requirements.

Salary & Benefits

Salary Range: $222,424.50, - $370,707.50