Regional Government Affairs Director

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Job Description

Skills & Qualifications

Desired: minimum of a Masters degree in a public or government affairs related area and seven years of pertinent experience in legislative engagement with at least two of those years working on appropriations processes.
In lieu of a Masters degree:
• Bachelors degree in public or government affairs related areas and a minimum of ten years of pertinent work experience, with two of those years working on appropriations processes, or
• An equivalent combination of education, training and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the essential functions of the position.
Must possess a good understanding of legislative affairs and processes. Must have proven abilities in program administration, teamwork, and knowledge and skills to manage and supervise. Must be capable of analyzing political situations and issues and organize facts and
present recommendations in clear, concise and logical manner orally and in writing. Must have a thorough understanding of Indian treaty rights and tribal sovereignty issues. Must have a proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with tribes and public, private, non-profit officials.

Duties & Responsibilities

Work collaboratively under the Director’s guidance to develop insight into CRITFC’s programs and policy priorities. Begin building relations with key legislative and agency staff along with initiating contacts with key leaders in the public, private and non-profit sector. Assist the Director in developing and implementing strategies involving federal policy and regional relations.


• Provide organizational guidance to develop and implement an outreach plan and maintain relationships with area local governments and community advocacy organizations.

• Collaborate with state legislators, state agencies, local governments and interest groups.

• Monitor state legislation that is pertinent to or impacts the interests of the Commission and its member tribes.

• Represent CRITFC at hearings, meetings, regional policy tables and other legislative activities, including drafting and delivering testimony.

• Cultivate and maintain a network among partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors to enhance communication and develop cooperative strategies that advance the Commission’s interests. Support and represent CRITFC on a variety of regional and national organizations and forums to pursue common objectives.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Guide the development and implementation of an annual CRITFC appropriations and authorizations strategy that addresses the funding and policy needs of the member tribes’ fisheries and CRITFC programs. Assist in the preparation of appropriation requests, testimonies, and responses to Congressional and agency requests for information concerning funding requests. Review and provide analyses of the state budget proposals. Serve as point of contact within the organization on the state budget and related program matters.

2. Guide advocacy and engage in multi-year federal budget development and justification and monitor implementation, appropriations and carry-over.

3. Review and analyze state legislative initiatives, laws and rule making efforts for impacts to treaty fishing rights. Cultivate and maintain a network of tribal, state and federal officials and committees to ensure a timely flow of information and input into various natural resource processes. Assess and understand legislative context, make recommendations to Executive Director, Commissioners and tribes, develop white papers, clarify themes, prepare/distribute testimony, draft appropriate correspondence and provide background about the tribes when necessary.

4. Research and prepare briefing papers; provide updates to the tribes; routinely report to the Commission; and provide information to tribal, federal and state agencies and outside groups on appropriations and legislative issues.

5. Build and maintain relationships with public, private and non-profit sector to enhance understanding of tribes, treaty rights and on natural resource issues and to develop cooperative strategies for communications and policies.

6. Coordinate on behalf of, support and represent CRITFC on a variety of regional and national organizations to pursue common understanding and objectives.

Salary & Benefits

$120,720 to $128,768 Annually

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