NCAI President Fawn Sharp Receives Diplomatic Recognition from United States at COP26

Published on Nov 04, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC | Today, the U.S. Department of State announced National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) President Fawn Sharp has been credentialed as a delegate during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), becoming the first tribal leader elected exclusively by tribal citizens to receive diplomatic recognition from the United States.

"As I accept the honor of being the first tribal leader to receive full credentials as a delegate to the United Nations Conference of Parties, I do so with an incredible sense of optimism, because I know the invaluable contributions to the fight against Climate Change that Native Americans and our Indigenous relatives globally will make to turn the tide," said Sharp.

The international COP26 summit comes at a critical juncture where all nations and communities must find consensus to address one of the world’s climate crisis. Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities globally have a different and unique sense of land and place rooted in, and often dependent upon, their environment and local natural resources for cultural practices, traditions, community, food, economies, and ways of life. As a result, Tribal Nations and Indigenous populations possess longstanding traditional ecological knowledge and expertise in environmental sustainability that must be included in the international discourse on combatting climate change.

“It is impossible to confront the global existential crisis of climate change without the active leadership and engagement of the world's Indigenous peoples, and the Tribal Nations of the United States of America have an incomparable brain trust of leaders, scientists, and policymakers who are ready to lead that effort,” said Sharp. "Indigenous communities globally have one thing in common: we are resilient survivors, and we will help lead the world through this challenge to a brighter, more just, and more sustainable future."

Sharp, who will be in attendance at the COP26 Summit through its conclusion on November 12, 2021, is leading an Indigenous delegation advocating on behalf of Tribal Nations. To follow Sharp’s activities at COP, visit or follow NCAI’s social media accounts @NCAI1944.


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