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Membership lasts from Annual Convention to Annual Convention. The current membership term is from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023.
*Please note if you purchased an Individual Indian or Individual Associate membership online since April 15, 2022, your membership is active through September 30, 2023

Membership Portal: click here to update your membership or become a new member.

Benefits of Membership: each member receives NCAI Broadcasts and Alerts sent to One E-Mail and Reduced Conference Rates

Individual Indian Membership $40 (Voting)
Any person of Indian and/or Alaska Native ancestry in the United States is eligible for individual membership. For the purpose of this section, an Indian is a person who is recognized as a member by an Indian tribe, or band, or combination of tribes and bands recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Indian Claims Commission, Court of Claims, or a State.

Individual Associate Membership $40 (Non-Voting)

Organization Associate Membership $500 (Non-Voting)
Intended for companies, corporation, and organizations. In addition to the benefits above, reduced conference rates, alerts, and broadcasts sent to two individuals.

Individual Indian LIFETIME Member $1000 (Voting)

Individual Associate LIFETIME Member $1000 (Non-Voting)

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Please note: Indian Membership and Indian Lifetime membership is contingent on verification of eligibility. Membership is not transferrable or refundable. NCAI is a voluntary membership organization, and membership in NCAI does not determine status or enrollment as a member or any federally or state recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe.