Small Businesses

Building Sustainable Tribal Economies: Small Businesses

Dr. Ian Record, Director of NCAI’s Partnership for Tribal Governance (PTG), discusses the critical role that small businesses owned and operated by tribal citizens can play – and are playing – in tribal nations’ efforts to build sustainable economies that are capable of supporting their achievement of their nation-rebuilding priorities.

This video, from a guest lecture to Native American Political Leadership Program students at George Washington University, is part of PTG’s effort to provide tribal nations, leaders, and key decision-makers with educational resources they can use to develop informed, strategic approaches to building sustainable tribal economies. The lecture was adapted and expanded from a presentation originally developed by Dr. Record and Joan Timeche, Executive Director of the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona, in 2011.

To learn more about the topics covered in the lecture, please see the comprehensive list of related resources below.


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