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Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

“Everything we do, we do for the next generation. We want to raise the bar so that going to college and having a career is a norm for the next generation.”

                                – Governor Carlos Hisa, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo 

Advancing the Pueblo’s Nation Building process, the Empowerment Department’s “wrap-around” system works to eliminate programmatic redundancies, increase fiscal efficiency, and streamline its services so that it can properly cultivate Tigua citizens’ skills and experience in furtherance of the evolving development, industry, and workforce needs and priorities of the Pueblo. Singularly focused on building “tribal member capacity to reach educational goals and succeed in the up-and-coming workforce,” the Empowerment Department replaces the Pueblo’s once narrow and fragmented focus on job skills and placements with a strategic approach that seeks to “produce wholly educated citizens, able to learn and adapt as economic climates and industries change in order to create a self-sufficient people”…

CONNECT: Anna Silvas, Director, Empowerment Department, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo,

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